Wednesday, January 12, 2011

C5i becomes a George Mason University Volgenau School Corporate Partner

The Volgenau School Corporate Partnership program has become one of the best resources for companies in the Northern Virginia area to recruit technical talent, collaborate on research initiatives, and give back to the community.

Each corporate partner is a VIP. The Volgenau School offers corporate partners focused attention by connecting them to students, recruiting events, and faculty. Students appreciate knowing that The Volgenau School partner companies will likely be the place where they will begin work as an intern or full time hire. Over eighty percent of IT&E alumni stay in the Northern Virginia area for that reason. The partnership becomes a win-win for everyone with a percentage of funds designated to scholarship funds to help recruit and retain outstanding students.

“It’s essential to give back to the universities and to help develop the next generation of professionals in the cyber security space,” says Shaun Amini, chairman and CEO of C5i.

C5i’s mission is to provide cyber and network security to the U.S. government and Fortune 500 commercial clients. For almost a decade, C5i — located in Sterling, Virginia — has been growing and meeting the changing needs of government and industry that are more heavily invested in the cyberspace platform. “We hope to work with Mason faculty and students to develop enhanced technology solutions,” says Amini. “We also want to leverage the school’s recruiting platform and help graduating students find jobs in the market place.”

C5i is interested in student development. They have staff members working with student groups and they offer an internship program. The company sees its new involvement with the Volgenau School as a positive step to creating a strong and well educated workforce. For more information visit online at

Volgenau School Corporate Partners:
Accenture; Aerospace; C5i; CACI; CGI; CSC; ENSCO, Inc.; Freddie Mac; General
Dynamics - AIS; GTSI; Harris Crucial Security, Inc.; Knowledge Consulting
Group; Lockheed Martin; ManTech; Metron Aviation; Micron; Mitre; MTCSC;
Noblis; Northrop Grumman; Raytheon; Segue Technologies, Inc.; SRA,
International; TASC; Vangent; Volkswagen Group of America; Widelity

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